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Within the last six months, teammates have worked through numerous categories including yogurt, paper, cereal, ice cream, meat snacks, and oral care; and will continue launching new AWG Brands items every month in 2024


A Look Back

Consumers modified their shopping behavior in two key cost-saving ways: saving money on products and saving through retail choice.


Is Online Shopping Relevant for Grocers in 2024?

Developing an ecommerce strategy is not a decision that should be made lightly. The first step is to schedule a time to meet with the ecommerce  team at AWG to assist you in analyzing your market and overall digital strategy.  Work with them to develop a plan of attack to grow your customer base, drive shopper engagement, and compete in your market.


A Look Back

Electronic shelf labels (ESLs) provide innovative technology with intelligent software, allowing grocers to update prices quickly and ensure that the shelf and POS are consistently priced. Technology features such as NFC can provide additional customer information (recipes, nutritional facts, etc.) and provide grocers with real-time data about their products, shelves and stores. 

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Shelf Planning Innovation

Retailers are operating in a world where the elevated expectations of customers and their fast-changing product preferences has created new merchandising challenges. Customers want it all – local products, the hottest new items, a breadth of assortment, fully stocked shelves – and they can be unforgiving when those needs aren’t met.